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Northern lights forecast September 25

Tonight looks rather unfortunate regarding the clouds, most parts of the country show low and mid-level clouds, in addition to high-level clouds. In the Northwest of Akureyri, such as Blöndós-Siglufjörður might only have high clouds, sometimes you can see through them. Some parts of Snæfellsness could only have high clouds. The best place is probably west fjords, so if you are in the area, you might have a good chance. There could open up random gaps in Reykjavik area such as somewhere on the road 36 Þingvallavegur and on-road 48 Kjósaskarðsvegur, that could as well be completely overcast with clouds. South looks terrible, but with a tiny chance of irregular openings close to Seljalandssfoss and Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Activity will probably be fine, with faint lights and bursts in between. cloud cover picture and links: the white area is no clouds for specific cloud level. Sometimes looking at low-mid level combination is enough, if the high-level clouds aren't thick, but yet it is hard to know. Attention this is early day cloud forecast, so make sure to look on the weather website for updates. at 15:00-18:00-21:00-00:00

Green is low and mid-level clouds at midnight

Orange is high-level clouds at midnight

Green is all clouds at midnight. Blu is low level clouds at midnight. Red is mid-level clouds at midnight. Orange is High level-clouds at midnight.

Activity: Solar wind speed. Is ranging from 409.9 km/sec to 500 km/sec, which is good.

Density. 6.63 protons/cm3 which is good

Bz level 2.03 nT north, which is bad. This usually changes from -south to +North frequently, its most important how it is when you are looking in the sky. Although -south is always good, as it means the solar wind is breaching the upper atmosphere

Bt level 4.47 nT which is bad, the same rule as above.

Good website I can recommend to view and see gauges for real-time info on solar activity


basic readings:

Solar wind above 400 is good.

density above 6 protons/cm3 is good

BZ level minus is good.

Geomagnetic Observation KP and K index

Leirvogur geomagnetic observatory: shows minor fluxations

Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna, a graph for K index, it is up and down, will probably improve after dark.

Sun observation: Coronal hole pointing towards earth today, this hole will be FedExing the northern lights towards postal code earth, possibly starting tonight or tomorrow, but most likely Friday and following days.

conclusion, it's going to be cloudy with random gaps here and there, except for perhaps west fjords and some parts in the north. it's impossible to say exactly where those gaps will be.

activity will continue to be good, with faint lights and burst in between.

Thursday-Sunday might be excellent.

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