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If you wish to join a northern light hunt with me you are in good hands. Finding the northern lights is one of my expertise and I have great knowledge of them and to predict the strength and likelihood of what we will see. Although the outcome is still in the hands of mother nature and nothing can be promised. I will be upfront and honest about the likelihood of seeing them on any given night, for you to cancel or go under my suggestions. I am as well capable of taking pictures of you with the lights that you can bring home to show your families and friends. 


The visibility of the Northern lights is dependent on weather, such as cloud coverage and activity of the lights. Pre-briefing will be held 3 hours before departure, where I will explain our chances and what to expect. In accordance with the briefing, you can go one with the tour or schedule for another night. Pre briefing will be sent by Email after the last update on cloud cover shortly after 18:00. Expectations are different by people and the Northern lights vary a lot from being a marvelous display to being faint and only visible to a camera for example. You can read my blog about how I examine the various data that will determine the strength of the northern lights here



  • Duration: 3-4 hours 

  • Car: operated on a comfortable SUV or similar 

  • Difficulty: very easy  

  • Pick up point: Reykjavik 

  • Price per person: 15.000 isl kr.

  • Season: 1 September - 10 April

Important information

1. Dress warm, in many cases, we will be standing outside in the cold waiting for the lights to show up, standing motionless in the Icelandic night with perhaps a wind chill will take the fun out of even great northern lights

2. Northern lights do look more green and vivid on photographs.

3. The price of the tour is the same, when the lights are weak and when they are strong.

4. Due to the nature of the tour being dependent on cloud cover and various space weather data, many nights will be canceled.



Pick up location: Reykjavik by default, in case you need to be picked up from another location please specify in the booking form, your guide will contact you to negotiate the possibility. 
The tour plan might be altered in regards to the weather and tour safety. 
Pick up time may be changed depending on the day - you'll be notified in such a case. 
Cancelation Policy: Cancelation is free in case of notification no less than 24 h before the tour. Otherwise, a 100% fee is charged.

Delivery  terms: after the booking process you will be sent an email with a voucher to show on the pickup

Full terms and Conditions 


Timelaps April 2019

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