This tour is for an adventure-seeking nature lover, we will hike extremely scenic places both easy and an option for a more adventurous hike, through a river inside a mountain. we will drive over unbridged rivers where normal car rentals cant pass. we will combine it with one of the best-kept secrets of Iceland the Vestmanneyjar volcanic island. where we will meet a local legend for a boat ride and cultural wisdom. We will most likely see puffins and experience Iceland with an Icelander that will share his love of the Icelandic nature and tell you stories that will live with you years to come.



Day 1:

Seljalandssfoss and Gljúfrabúi Waterfall, we will explore the famous Seljalandsfoss and have the option to walk behind him.

At a walking distance from Seljalandsfoss is his shy brother Gljúfrabúi waterfall hiding in a narrow gorge.
Duration: approximately 40 minutes


A fantastic narrow canyon with trees and vegetation; we will tiptoe on stones or wade a river up the canyon if we choose to go all the way in to see a small but beautiful waterfall. Parts of this experience require some physical fitness and climbing. 

Secret location. 

One the way to Thorsmörk, we will make a stop at a secret location, where we will wade a small river inside a mountain in the dark and experience an adventure and the Icelandic nature in a unique way.. this part is optional and requires some nerves and physical fitness.


Básar Thorsmörk

 A beautiful oasis in between the mighty Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjökull. We will hike a circle here and have a great view of the surroundings. the Hike is easy and takes about 1:30 minutes


 Landeyjahöfn, Iceland, we will drive to Landeyjahöfn after an eventful and adventurous day, and take a ferry towards Vestmanneyjar where we will spend the night. The ferry ride is about 40 minutes, and we can sometimes spot whales, dolphins, or Orcas and for sure, some seabirds such as puffin if we look closely. 


This is a summary for day 1, Duration on location varies a bit depending on weather and tour chemistry, additional areas, and stops my happen depending on time. 


Expert Guide and a driver

Light lunch picnic style with Icelandic traditional food, such as bread, skyr and other toppings. 

Ticket to the ferry towards Vestmannaeyjar

Hotel/Hostel for the night in Vestmannaeyjar

Comfortable Jeep or similar


Day 2


Vestmannaeyjahofn, Iceland, we will start the day with a boat ride with a local to get a close look at the bird life and local knowledge of life on the islands. In some cases, the captain will be a local chieftain and an arm-wrestling champion, and you might be able to challenge him at your own risk, and if you win, I will refund you the cost of the boat ride. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Eldheimar, and short sightseeing walk.
we will take a look at some historical things seen in the town and end at a volcanic museum
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Eldfell, Iceland
After the museum, we will hike the volcano Eldfell. On the top, we can still feel the heat of the mountain and have a great view of the surroundings.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Storhofdi (Great Cape). After lunch, we will take a sightseeing tour of the island and sea famous rock formation such as elephant rock, and take a look at birdwatching house and look for puffins. On some occasions, I will show you a demonstration on a local thing called spránga, which is a rope swing in the cliffs.


After an eventful day at Vestmannaeyjar, we will take the ferry back to the mainland and drive to Reykjavik



Expert guide/driver

Boat sightseeing with a local

Ferry ticket back to the mainland

comfortable Jeep or similar 
Ticket to the Volcano Museum


Pick up location: Reykjavik by default, in case you need to be picked up from another location please specify in the booking form, your guide will contact you to negotiate the possibility.

The tour plan might be altered in regards to the weather and tour safety. 

Pick up time may be changed depending on the day - you'll be notified in such a case. 
Cancelation Policy: Cancelation is free in case of notification no less than 3 days before the tour. Otherwise, a 100% fee is charged.

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